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Stephen Stefanou | Venue Arts Designer

ON DISPLAY: Noted designer Stephen Stefanou may hang his hat in Dallas, but he makes the impossible possible all over the world.

CATCHING UP WITH STEPHEN STEFANOU is not an easy feat considering how fast he moves. And thinks. And talks. Stefanou creates large-scale displayed around the world, in places like Rockefeller Center. And he’s done it for 30 years. He’s responsible for the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio Las Vegas. He also created a cranberry bog in the shape of the Olympic circle using 13 million cranberries for the Olympics in Vancouver.

Q: If you could do anything in Dallas, what would it be?

A: I would transform the new Woodall Rodgers Park into a Rockefeller Center, complete with a decorated 100-foot tree. I would construct vertical greenery walls all around the Arts Center to define it and create some excitement. People won’t come back if there’s nothing to talk about.

Q: Anything you want to brag about?

A: I created life-sized models complete with Manolo Blahnik shoes and red sequined rubber dresses. The dressers were featured in fetish magazine.

Q: Why do you live in Dallas?

A: Airport.

Q: You have so many projects. How do you conduct meetings?

A: My perfect business meeting is on an island in the South Pacific. I am on a scooter wearing nothing but a pare, and I see an old telephone booth. I jump off, use my $20 prepaid calling card, and everyone I need to talk to.

Q: Do you ever say no?

A: No.

– Peggy Levinson