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aquarium pinecones | Venue Arts

Venue Arts’s latest project is the  “Water-Sky Aquarium” in the Grande Praça of the MGM MACAU. The 8-meter tall cylindrical aquarium is regarded as the soul of Water Aurora, and is equipped with LED lights designed to change colors, simulating the water aurora. Filled with aquatic life, the circular design of the aquarium provides a 360-degree view of  its inhabitants including the Blacktip Reef Shark from Australia, the Emperor Red Snapper, the Golden Trevally, and the Roundface Batfish from the Hainan province of China. Surrounding the aquarium are 6 giant coral columns with synthetic glass kelp wrapped around them, while Fresnel lens chandeliers, and chrome fish complete the design.

The inspiration of the MGM Water Aurora came from Macau’s long-standing marine culture and the exhibit symbolizes the infinite energy of Macau. The cylindrical design of the “Water-sky Aquarium” is symbolic of endless luck and fortune, while the fish represent future. wealth and blessings.

To learn more about the Aurora exhibition, check out the MGM MACAU website or download the MGM Aurora iPhone App, and be transported into an underwater adventure by scanning any of the “Discover the Wonders of MGM Aurora images! (Also available for Android App on Google Play).