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Public art, and by extension Venue Art projects, do much to boost the economy by drawing visitors to an area. Here’s a brief look at how installation art designers, like Venue Arts in Dallas Texas, help destinations and local businesses attract more visitors and clients.

How Public Display Art Increases Revenues

According to the Project for Public Spaces, The Travel Industry of America conducted a survey to determine if travelers extended their trips because they wanted to take part in cultural activities or events. Of those polled, 32% of them said that they extended the length of their trips because they wanted to experience a destination’s arts, culture, or historic offerings. Additionally, two-thirds of travelers said that if they took a trip of 50 miles or more, then they included stops at historical, cultural, or arts places and/ or activities.

Installation art created by installation art companies in Dallas Texas plays the same role in retail spaces as public art does in historical spaces. The world’s largest Christmas ornament in a mall in Dubai was awarded a Guinness World Record. The ornament measured 6.597 meters high (nearly 22 feet) and 4.689 meters wide (over 15 feet). The display was created by Venue Arts, a production art company in Dallas Texas.

Why Create Installation Art?

According to Forbes, retailers, like businesses in shopping malls, have been severely affected by online shopping sites. More people are shopping online. Fewer people are shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.

Certainly, the most traditional stores now have an online presence. However, the savviest ones among them are doing what they can to attract those local customers who still shop in malls. As the giant Christmas ornament in Dubai by Venue Arts demonstrates, art in public places draws crowds. Installation art companies in Dallas Texas fill this need: They help local retailers attract some of the local business that they’ve lost to online stores.

What Kind of Opportunities Does Public Display Art Create?

The Americans for the Arts says that for every dollar that’s spent on public art, another six dollars is generated. Also, infrastructure gets a big boost. As more and more people interact with the installation art, the need grows for structures that can accommodate the increased number of pedestrians, cyclists, and tourists that come to the area to see the arts. For example, as an article in Telangana Today points out, urban sketcher groups, among others, flock to noteworthy places to raise awareness for the plight of historical sites and public arts displays.

The Natural Result of Public Art

On a related note, installation art plays an important role in education. The kids who took part in the urban sketchers group cited above learned about local history in a new way. Sketching existing art is a common activity among art students at the high school and university level, as well as among those who are serious amateur artists, like the urban sketchers. Public display art, museum exhibits, old historic buildings, and the like all count as objects/ locations that art students draw in their art studies.

Now imagine that a slew of coffee shops, retail stores, and the like spring up to accommodate these art tourists/artists. Production art companies in Dallas Texas, like Venue Arts help local businesses tap into this stream of traffic by creating public display art for the retail space.

Final Thoughts on How Production Art Companies in Dallas Texas Impact Growth

Installation art companies in Dallas Texas work with local business owners and mall owners to create stunning displays of public art. This, in turn, invites would-be clients to explore the retail environment against a backdrop of beautiful artwork.

As the giant Christmas bulb in the Dubai mall demonstrated, public artworks created by production art companies in Dallas Texas don’t just reach a local audience and local customers. They garner international attention.